Twitter Reflection on “Is Your Salad Habit Good for the Planet?”

Twitter Reflection:

From reading the article “Is Your Salas Habit Good for the Planet?”, it says “The moral overtones extend even to the trash. As customers pay and head back toward their various workplaces, they pass an oft-overflowing garbage bin with a proud sign above it that says that all of the company’s utensils, napkins, bowls and cups are plant-based, ‘which means they go in the compost bin, along with any leftover food.’”, I sometimes think America grows too much salad chains. I like to eat salad as well, when I decide to eat it today, I sometimes need to think about which store should I go? That means people have many choices to go for today in America. Last time I passed by 14th Street, there’s not even a salad place nearby, but I saw so much leftover salad as garbage in the bin with its bowls. I thought people just bought them as usual in a salad place, and eat it while they were walking back to their work. After they are done or full just throw them away to the trash can. First, I think it’s not nice to have those much leftover as well as the most thing is they produced pollution to our environment

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