Twitter Reflection on “Tree Teachings: How Fossil Fuels and Climate Change Are Altering the Global Forest”

Twitter Reflection:

From reading the article “Tree teachings: how fossil fuels and climate changes are altering the global forest”,  it starts with a sentence of “The world’s most ancient trees are failing”, which warns people something about impact of climate change. The ponderance of how the climate change happen and make the ancient tree fail. Someone said, “They have been around for more than 1,000 years and something is happening to them.” I agree with what she said, there’s must be something happen to them. The climate change has been a big problem to the world these year. People are not caring about our environment like they produce lots of trash, cut lots of trees, make lots of pollutions, make a big mess to our living areas. The four seasons are not clear anymore. If other greens would like what those ancient trees happened, then our world will loose our nature soon.

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