Sustainable and System: Experience of Mycelium Kit

Experience of growing mycelium kit

Working progress:

First, I opened the package of mycelium kit, then I added four tablespoon floor and three cups of water to a separate container, and mixed it. Then, I poured it to the package and shacked for a minute. Then I closed the bag and let it grow for five days. Later, I found out my mycelium wasn’t turning white after five days, so I let it grow for more than 14 days, it still didn’t turn white, only a little bit at the bottom. Now I brought it to bathroom since my bedroom is very cold. Later, I took out the bottom white part into a cupcake cup. Before that, I spray alcohol to the cupcake cup and on my gloves. Later, I used plastic wrap to cover the top and poke holes, then I put it in bathroom for a week, I saw it got muddy already. This is how my mycelium experience goes. Really apologize for the failure:(



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