Sustainable and System: Growing Microbial Leather

Experience of growing Microbial Leather

My growing of microbial leather hasn’t finished yet.

Working Process:

Bring one gallon of water to a boil and add 1 cup of white sugar and 6-7 teabags of ordinary black tea. Allow the steeped tea and sugar mixture to cool to room temperature before pouring it into the plastic container. Remove the teabags and discard them. With nitrile gloves or very clean and freshly washed hands, add the SCOBY to the cooled liquid, put the lid on the container and place the whole thing on a heat mat and store in a dark place. Over several days a thin layer of material will begin to form on the surface of the liquid. My working process till now is to wait it grow thick enough. My project of growing microbial leather is still continuing.


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