Homework Photo Essay 7/12- Coney Island

This Coney Island pictures show a depiction of the people we met and talked to throughout our trip. As the day went on not only did I hear so many peoples interrupting life stories but also got closer to some new friends.


This was Carmen. She was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She’s from Dominica and immediately clicked with Natalia and they chatted away speaking Spanish. We watched as she made Julie and I’s drink and then how she prepared Natalia’s traditional Mexican drinking which was amazing to witness.

She was one of my favorite people I approached all day. She was so open to us taking her pictures and also opened up to us about her opinions on our new president. She told us things in her personal life such as her husband recently passing away but she was surrounded by so much from her family that she was happy at heart. She told us to stay close to our friends and family because they are the most important people in our life and to keep them close to our hearts.

When i approached this lady i didn’t realize she was already doing a photoshoot for some brand. But as soon as we started photographing her she posed and did her own thing as we clicked away.

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