Homework: Art Gallery Walk Write-up

The art gallery walk through was a great experience and getting to see such talented photographers take amazing pictures has inspired me to look at how i take my photos and a whole other way.

this picture was taken by Moises Saman. I loved the composition of this picture because it really showed the peoples emotions and and struggle through the picture. A lot of violence and outbreaks in different countries especially in the Middle East are not shown on national TV here in US. So sometimes for people here to see a picture like this is eye opening as to whats happening to this world. Most people in US are in a bubble and have no knowledge of the outside world and his everything is not always perfect. When photographers capture such a powerful shot like this it makes the viewer feel a certain way.

This picture was captured by Christopher Anderson.The description of this picture was said to have been photographed the day of the Women’s March held in Midtown the day after Trump was inaugurated for President of the United States. Although this picture is blurry and you can’t really figure whats happening the way the photographer made everything closer to him blurry and had that caption shows how chaotic it was and that it shows that through the picture.


These pictures caught my eye because it was different than what I had seen before. they photographer wanted to capture a hard time in the US which was during the election of our new president. The photographer not only captured events happening in the US but also in other countries to show other hardships. This was a beautify composition and opened my eyes to new ideas.


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