Final Photo Essay: Living Past the Outcasts

The concept of my last photo essay was to give viewers a feeling of loneliness. I have the privilege of living near one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in America. And amongst all the hustle and bustle of the city we tend to forget that there are people living on the streets and suffering to live a day to day life. Whenever I’m in the city I never forget the people sitting on the streets suffering. I could never do that to a human being. I always try to give back in someway. The other day I helped a homeless guy to find a convenience store and he called me the nicest person he’s met so far in the city and I handed him a ten dollar bill and told him to take care of himself and his dog and I’ve never seen someone as happy as he was. That day I was in a rush to get to the train it was midnight and I was in the city alone but I knew helping someone for a few minutes was worth my while. Last year on 4th of July  I was wandering the streets at 9pm and decided to go buy sandwiches and hand them to people who needed it and everyone was so appreciative. I never look past anyone suffering on the street meanwhile some people couldn’t be bothered. The feeling of loneliness shows up in this because everyone feels lonely in some different way and in a huge city like NYC many people overlook the outcasts.


The Series “Living Past the Outcasts”

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