Wooden Ice Pop

First Mood Board:

Second Mood Board:

Second Sketch:

In Process Photos:

Final Piece:

Artist Statement:

This piece was inspired by the Nicola L. show we visited at the Sculpture Center. After I left the gallery I started to think about the difference between art and object. What defines something as art? What defines something as an object? There is someone who makes the Starbucks coffee cup, and someone who makes a retainer case, so why aren’t those items consider art? There is a total blur between the two. For this project I decided to experiment with that idea. People see no value in a popsicle stick. You eat your ice pop and you throw away the stick. If I make the disposable popsicle stick two feet long, all of the sudden it becomes art? Why? Why does enlarging a mundane object make it art? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I hope my piece makes people think about these same questions. The article we read about the artist Lee Relvas inspired the outline of the popsicle. I love the way she uses wood as flexible lines and outlines. It is just a suggestion of a popsicle, no detail or depth. This comes with a feeling of emptiness, but at the same time it completes the piece.


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