Life Size Kim Kardashian Doll


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Artist Statement:

Meaning. A word that is constantly thrown at me as an art student. “What is the meaning?” and  “What does that mean?” are questions I am asked frequently by friends, family and teachers. For my final piece I knew that it had to have a deep meaning. I went through ideas and ideas, most of them had no meaning, for example a fuzzy pizza with eyeballs as toppings or a metallic lollipop with a tongue emerging from the center. I was not satisfied with these meaningless ideas. I kept thinking harder and harder. What has meaning in my life that I can make into a soft sculpture? While watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians as I do every Sunday I finally thought of it. The only thing in my life that has no meaning is my unexplainable, unhealthy obsession with Kim Kardashian. Once I thought of this idea I knew that creating a life size Kim doll was something that just needed to be done.

I had SO much fun doing this. I knew it would be a challenge from the start, but I know that I can face any challenge if I am excited about it, and I certainly was.


In Process Photos:


Final Project:

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