Bridge 2: Fashion Look Book

Progress Update 2/13:

I have finally decided on interviewed my maternal grandmother to find out more information about her parents from Serbia in the early 20th century, I am hoping to find out about the way they grew up as a child and as a young adult.

I have no mood board yet because I do not have any idea where this conversation will take me.

I was inspired by the Center for Book Arts and I want to make my look book very interactive.

I’m thinking about a hollowed out book with little drawers and slots for photos or pieces of fabric or some natural elements.

I want to completely capture the mood I am going for (whatever that might end up being)


Progress Update 2/20:

This week I sourced all materials I will need and ordered them. I am still waiting for the main structure of my look book (a vintage book that I will hollow out) so nothing has been made physically yet, but I have it all planned out and purchased so that once the book comes it will all come together easily.


In Process Photos:



I am very pleased with how my look book came out. It is almost completely accurate to what my original sketch was.

I wanted to make a piece that attempts to retell a story. It is a very interactive book, with hidden quotes that help make up the story that inspired this look book.

You are meant to slide things and open things and lift things and explore the space to see what you find.

It is a very tactile experience as well. I did not only want the viewer to see a stone texture printed on a page, I wanted them to feel the actual stones with their fingers.

The stone section is to allow the reader to feel what I imagine the stone bridge my great-grandfather fell off felt like.

The button is what I imagined the soldier who saved him’s uniform to be.

The sliding panel on the bottom right shows the passage of time from my great grandfathers childhood to his life as an older man. This reminds me and the viewer that one story can stick with you your whole life and can shape who you are. The memories that stick are ones that get passed down onto the next generation for people like me to retell.

The bottom left box represents the wavy water my great grandfather fell in.

I chose to put my quotes on little ripped paper as if they were little parts of a story that were lost and torn over time and the viewer has to read all of them and try and create the story in his or her mind.

I wanted the structure of the box to match the theme/story of the rest of my look book. I searched vintage websites and finally found an old blue book about rivers. It was a perfect find.

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