Rapid Fashion Prototyping

Original Pieces:




Final Piece:


Since we both brought in jackets we thought it would be best to create another new jacket.

We had three different sketches – two of them were more simple hybrids. The sleeves of one jacket were put on another and some smaller details were also carried over. The third sketch was more elaborate where we would take the denim jacket and create a belt that would wrap around the military jacket.

We ended up choosing one of our simpler ideas because we did not want the piece to be too overwhelming.

Since the third design involved cutting up the jean jacket we could not piece it together on the mannequin without destroying the possibility of making the other two designs.

We chose to use the military sleeves because of the patch detail that we both loved. It is a great indicator of what the jacket is and we did not want to loose that detail.

We modernized the jacket by making it cropped, perfect for a spring day.


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