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  1. Fashion editor, Carlyne talks about a photoshoot where the model was wearing an evening gown on the street and she paired the dress with a large Chanel bag that the model had tucked under her arm. Carlyne says that people did not understand why she paired those two together, but she believes it was about the attitude that the model gave off wearing those two pieces together.

2. A fashion editor discusses a shoot around the time when designers were making high heels that were very high and hard to walk in. For the Vogue story the models were shot wearing these high heels, but they also had crutches or leg braces or other handicap related accessories. This wad a comment on how high heels are supposed to indicate power when in reality they end up leaving you crippled.

3. A fashion shoot where models are styled in mannequin-like poses and are holding their young faces in their hands was a comment on fear of aging.





We plan to shoot our photos on the West Side Highway by the Intrepid, possibly even on the Intrepid. Our jacket is half denim, half dark blue military coat. We want our photoshoot to have a modern military vibe. Having the old ship with so much history contrasting with the modern, cropped jacket will create a story and a connection from the past to the present. We will shoot during the day, and hopefully on a day with clear skies. We are thinking minimal makeup, no accessories to take away from the coat, but possibly a hat that is similar to one that a captain of a ship would wear.


Process Photos:

Final Photo:

One of the pieces in our combined jacket was an old military jacket. We thought the Intrepid would be a perfect backdrop for our shoot to match the military theme. The photoshoot went very smoothly. Rosie was a great model and was adventurous in her poses. There was a lot of space for us to shoot and get the shots we envisioned.

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