The True Cost


  1. The issue of globalized production.
  2. The issue that people in a third world country are working to make our clothing.
  3. The lack of a good relationship between factory workers and their managers.
  4. Cotton farmers being forced to spray their plants with chemicals.
  5. The Indian farmer suicide rate is on a steep incline.


  1. America is no longer producing anything, We are sending it to places where the minimum wage is extremely low it it is extremely cheap to produce there. This means that the biggest companies are in charge of where they want their clothing being made, and the people below them have no say at all.


  2. This topic has strong opinions on both sides. One side says how can we allow these impoverished people in their impoverished countries sit at a machine and sew clothing for us 12 hours a day? And the other side argues that they could be doing much worst things, they are making money, no matter how little that is, and this is how the system works.


  3. Leader of the established union. After the workers gave the managers a list of demands, the managers did not agree with what was asked and they attacked the workers. They were violently attacked and beaten just for trying to establish a fair working space.


  4. Cotton farmers in Texas are being forced to spray their cotton plants to keep up with the high demand for cotton. Farmers now have to worry about their soil being affected by the chemicals being sprayed, they have to worry about the humans living nearby and if they are getting affected by the chemicals, and they have to worry about the money they are being forced to spend on chemicals.


  5. 250,000 farmer suicides were reported in India over the past 16 years. This is because they cannot keep up with the amount of money they need to pay. A landlord will knock on the famers door and take the land away because rent was not paid. The farmer will kill himself because he does not know what else to do. This is all because of the increasingly high demand for cotton.

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