Test Edit – Time Class

This is my Test Edit project for my time class. For this assignment, we were suppose to put together six different clips, followed by sounds for these clips that were already made or self-created. This was made on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Feel free to comment!

Yuken Teruya’s Photo Analysis


 After looking at this piece, I see an autumn leaved tree on the side of a McDonald’s happy meal bag that is turned sideways. The tree stem is blue, while the branches have more curves than a typical tree. The leaves on the tree look pretty realistic, although they are red, yellow, and orange. It seems that there is a light source coming from the top corner of the bag, reflecting onto the center of the tree and the bottom left corner of the bag. The top side of the bag casts a shadow of the tree because from the light source.

What I interpreted from this piece is that there is still a light, even in the most secluded places. This can be interpreted through the idea that a “happy” meal bag is being shined on by the light. Even though some parts of the bag are darker and more plain, the light in the center gives this piece a sense of hope and meaning. The leaves are portrayed as an upbringing sense of hope and visions in this piece, giving it a strong aspect of this piece. And even though the inside of the bag  is just a McDonalds bag, I feel that McDonalds reputation gives it the feeling that the trees in a dark, cornered room.