Trojan Horse Self Portrait

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For my Trojan Horse Project, I chose to design a human heart constructed with construction paper and wiring. The reason I made this heart was because I wanted to show how something can look and be depicted in multiple ways. The reason I chose to make the heart blue was to represent a mix of bitterness and nostalgia, connecting to self memories and past-traumatic experiences. I used a thick construction paper to represent the bland and passive result of someones heart can due to chemicalized reactions over time. The wrapped wire depicts a sense of seclusion as well as self-protection. Inside the heart, I put layers of red see-through paper to show the little sentimentality, sensativity, and aspiration thats left. And finally, I connected all of this together using cheap plastic tape to show how some things can be pasted onto you over time. It also shows how fake pieces of the heart can be added on, making this heart an imposter.

The connection I made between the heart an the imposter is how the heart can go through much emotion and experience, yet it could still have its soft side. On the exterior, you see a poorly crafted heart, as the result of much experience. But in the inside, which is not very visible, there is still  some warmth tied together to show that even a a wounded heart can still have a good side, making it a good heart.

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