Significant Object Peer to Peer – The Stuffed Bunny

1) My partner selected this stuffed rabbit as her object because she values it substantially on an emotional level. It defines her ┬álife in Milan, ┬árepresenting her family and friends, as well as her hometown. It is valuable to her because she got it an a very young age, and it stood next to her throughout her childhood. The object stands as a breaking point between Michela’s childhood and adulthood since she came to the U.S. without it, while it lies in her bed right now back in Milan.

2) I find the that the most inspirational part of this object is how it has gotten Michela to want to expand her horizon and make more memories with new friends in new setting. I feel that having that sort of object is very beneficial for ones mental health. That is why my goal in replicating this piece is to make it more beneficial for not only Michela, but also for me or anyone else who can  benefit from the aspiration boost.

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4) For my replication process, I’m choosing to sketch out replications of the stuffed bunny. The bunny will be drawn sitting on top of a blanket that has many copies of the bunny printed on it. By doing this, I’ll be showing how the bunny can be pictured in few different ways, which can relate to how something can be attached to something valuable like blanket. The printed bunnies on the blanket replicate how the bunnies stay with Michela through hard times.

5) Possible Outcomes IMG_6229IMG_6226IMG_6225

6) Make. Revise. Finalize.


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