Time Book Archive

For my Time Book Archive, I decided to put  some pictures together that represented my perception of time. Some things that can exemplify my perception of time are the different location // settings. Another important quality that lets us see time differently is age as well as maturity. I think another important quality that really makes up time are the different experiences that we’ve have had that make us see. In my book, you will see these qualities of time displayed.

For my first picture, I put a picture of my family walking in the woods during an autumn day. To me, the leaves represent a change in the season as well as a change in the year, since leaves fall off trees before winter comes the year is getting ready to finish. The reason my whole families in the picture and not me is because I feel that I am maturing and becoming more independent since I am on my own now that I’m in college.

In one of my pictures, I put my dog in the book. The reason I put her in my book is because animals don’t have a sense for time. For humans, having the knowledge can be beneficial. Having set times enables people to plan accordingly, set schedules and work around things. Because animals don’t have this, everything in there life seems like a surprise, although things can become routine.

Throughout my book, you will notice differences in my locations and times my pictures were taken. The reason I do this is because so many different things can be seen at any given time of day. This can also vary when a person is somewhere completely different from another person. A comparison that can exemplify two completely different views/feelings is my picture of the sun setting in the horizon of New York  background to the picture with the snowy branches in the darker sky with my friend walking on the snow path. The first picture resembles a sense of seclusion since the sky is getting dark with buildings in the background, giving it a nostalgic feeling. The second picture was also taken while the sun was setting, yet the color of the sky and background completely change the mood of that.  And since the pictures were taken with a friend, the experience of time was completely different

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