AIGA & MoMa Research and Response

While visiting the AIGA & the MoMa museum, I noticed a lot of architecture drawings that were made using pencil or ink medias drawn on simple paper. Something interesting about these sketches was how these designs were so simple and could’ve even been rough drafts for even other projects. There was a lot of contemporary art in both museums, and the pieces definitely seemed very cutting edge and up to date.

During my visit the AIGA museum, I found that much of the stuff was very impressionable and did not follow a certain scale, yet it had a certain aesthetic quality that appealed to me. One part of the gallery that I really liked were the ink drawings of the Capital building a few other architecture firms. I liked how they were drawn out so casually, yet they still really good and interesting to look at. Another piece I liked was a portrait of a up-to-date church in China that sits inside a modernized skyscraper. I thought the idea of that was very introspective and advanced.