Intro to Fashion: Christopher Breward’s aphorisms

“Fashion is made manifest in material forms. It demands study in the same way that that ancient artifacts are made meaningful by archaeologists: through careful excavation.”

I think the quality of fashion is all about material. When a clothing without logo, people tell the quality of it by feeling the texture. In the old times, when there are not so many brands or designers in the society like nowadays, the fashion market is all about tailor shops. The materials and tailoring applied to a garment decides its price. (Nowadays a designer brand’s simple white t-shirt could be sold in 1000$) I believe the statement of material form speaks for a clothing, and I also think that designers should pay more attention on the materials they use.

“Fashion can be about confirmation, of self and others. But it is also about anxiety, ambiguity and worry. As an aid to understanding psychological complexities it is unsurpassed.”

Fashion(clothing) is the first thing people would see when they meet others, so that really makes it an identification of a person. People express themselves in they way they look, and find companies while going out and engaging in social activities. Even when people think they are not putting efforts in “looking-good” or “dress in my own style”, the clothing they wear still reveal their personalities. But when fashion become identifications of people, and people engage with each other in the society, it is a tool of communication. People in it has to accept the potential of being judged. I agree with this aphorism because I believe while clothing is the most obvious way of presenting and expressing oneself, the exposure characteristic of it also makes it the most easy   part to make judgements. Animals first look strangers’ appearances (big/small, colorful/simple) to determine they are friends or enemies (same kind or different kind). People are doing the same thing. They interpret others’ personalities by their fashion style. In this case, people worries how they present in groups, because they are eager to belong to one.

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