Intro to Fashion – Learning Portfolio Post #2

Models Tamy Glauser and Francisco don tailoring for Vivienne Westwood’s fall-winter 2016 campaign.


In euromodern culture, genders and their “assigned clothing” — what kind of clothing is supposed to be wore in each gender — are unsubversively. Especially now male is the hegemony in the culture, people often find it’s weird or unacceptable for men to wear female clothings. As Susan B. Kaiser says, “Men who choose to wear women’s clothing are viewed as imitating the ‘inferior sex’ (Suthrell 2004: 23), and perhaps this is why popular culture (e.g., films such as Some Like It Hot, La Cage Aux Folles, Tootsie) has found humor in men dressing like women.” In this Vivienne Westwood’s fall-winter 2016 campaign, the traditional social norm is subverted. Female model Tamy Glauser is wearing men’s suit and has the same hair-cut as the male model Francisco don in the campaign. She is known as her androgynous looks and works as both a female and a male model. The male model Francisco don is wearing the same high heels as the female model. In the campaign, both male and female models are wearing the same kind of suits, the same high heels and have the same hair-cut. Audiences couldn’t tell their sexualities by only looking at their dress or style. In such circumstance, I can see the theory of gender is the product of social structure and the fashion as a tool to reinforced it. Gender in fashion is a process considered in daily dress practice. Fashion figures presented as females is dominating the society, it’s glad to see such unisex campaign in the Fashion market.

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