Sustainable Systems: Bridge Project 1

Description :
Generate 50 avatars utilizing at least 5 different means of creation. You may use phone apps,
gaming systems, etc. Drawing may only be used for 10 of the avatars. See how many ways you
can represent yourself. Push the limits of what an avatar can be and the limits of the tools you
use to create them. Take risks and be experimental. Each avatar may represent different facets
of yourself. Imagine yourself today, a week from now, your best traits, your worst traits, and how
you would represent each of those. Each avatar must be accessible via computer or in print for
class so we may discuss them.
 Rough Draft Images (50 Avatars) :

Final Product: Collage of the other 50 avatars/ final avatar.














Reflection:I really enjoyed this project. This project allowed me to explore and expose many sides of myself, which I found very satisfying as an artist and creative individual.

The canned utensil holder made entirely out of reused materials…

This is a utensil holder made entirely out of reused materials. This project was created for my Sustainable Systems class. Each student was asked to make a tool entirely from reused materials, that we would be willing to use. The reusable materials I chose to use were: food cans and a plastic plate from my kitchen. I really enjoyed this project and I hope to create more tools out of reusable materials that are resourceful and aesthetically pleasing.