Bridge Project 4: Int. Studio

Description: Bridge Project 4: Introduction to Research
Students will create a zine that addresses political issues in the science fiction world of a film from the given list. Each student will take a position on the social issue of their choosing and create a zine as agitational propaganda. You will use the content of the film to explore the particulars of social issues that plague that world. Any social issues presented within the universe of the film are fair game. Social issues are experienced by a multitude of people, problems that extend beyond an individual, and involve perception by the society as a whole.

Rough Draft: No rough draft was made for this project. However, I did do some research by going to Printed Matter and taking a look at some zines.

Final Project:Below is a link to my zine. My inspiration for this project was X Machina and the social issues presented within the movie. In this zine, I wanted to explore the social issue of gender inequality specifically women being seen as sex objects within society.

Below is the link to the zine in booklet form:

X Machina_ZINE final final -21xdqx6

List of materials:

  • Paper
  • Print Ink

Reflection: I really enjoyed this project.  Also, I never knew what a zine was before this project so I am glad I got to discover another art form. This project really sparked a new interest for me in zine art.  This project also really connected with me as a woman and allowed me to express myself however I wanted which I really appreciated.