Integrated Studio 1: Bridge Project 5

Project Description: Now that we have read and discussed Scott Mcloud’s comic, Understanding Comics, and the various characteristics and types of comics, I have decided to create a comic of my own. To begin my project, I am going to do research by going to a comic book store and reading through comics and by writing narratives for all of my panels. Then, I am going to create a comic that will concentrate on exploring gender roles, domesticity, and humor. The panels in the comic will reflect my own personal experiences of living in the south.


  • My first step of research was going read through comics at Forbidden Planet, a comic book store.

Rough Draft: The rough draft version of my post is the narratives above.

Final Project: This is the final version of my comic.

(Below are the two links to my comic pages.)

List of Materials used to make project:

  • Sharpie pen
  • Paper
  • Printer

Reflection: Overall, I really liked this project. This project let me work on my weaknesses with illustration and photoshop. Additionally, I think that this project definitely strengthened both of those weaknesses. Furthermore, this project really inspired me to work more on my illustration skills and photoshop skills, because I was really proud of what I accomplished through through my comic.