Soft Structures: Bridge Project One Clutch and Tote Bag

Design Concepts:

1.The mood board below was my first step to my design process of my tote bag and clutch. My inspiration was the concrete jungle. I chose the concrete jungle, because I wanted to show the characteristics I love about New York and the vast deep cultural roots that run thick through the city and its fierce blooded people. I chose to create this mood board, because I felt this mood board and the color palette and textiles chosen represent the festive, yet fierce voice of New York.

Mood Board Digital Final Product PDF-1kayqgd

Below is a color palate I played around with while creating my mood board:

2. This is the second step of my design process. From my mood board, I gathered inspiration to create the following design concepts.

3. After I sketched my first design concepts to move forward, I chose three that related to my mood board the most. I chose the designs I did, because I felt that they best represented the hard linear lines of New York’s building through the rectangular shapes and sharp looking design.

4. The fabric below is the textile I chose for my tote bag and clutch. I chose this green python, because pythons are fierce creatures and so are New York’s people. I want people to feel fierce when wearing my tote bag and clutch.

5. For my next step: I came up with measurements for my tote bag and translated those measurements and final design choices to pattern paper.

Clutch Pattern:

Tote Pattern:

Strap and Pocket Pattern:

6. After finalizing my patterns, I tested the pattern by creating a paper 3D prototype of the tote bag to see if the measurements were accurate.

7. After creating a successful prototype, I traced and cut my fabric (cotton canvas) for the tote bag and clutch.

8. To begin my cosmetic/clutch bag, I inserted the zipper to connect the two pieces. I first hand stitched the zipper to the pieces of fabric and then I sewed them by machine.


9. After successfully inserting my zipper, I connected the two pieces together by stitching them on the inside around the seam allowance and I box stitched the bottom of the bag to make it have more of a 3D shape rather than 2D.

This is my clutch bag before I box stitched it: 

Box Stitch:

Final Result of Clutch:

10. After I completed my clutch, I than began the construction of my tote bag using the pieces of fabric I cut from my pattern. To begin the construction of my bag I placed the straps on.

11. After placing these set of straps, I finished the construction of the bag and this was the final result. This is the final result of the tote bag. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the final result of this bag, specifically with the webbed straps and the top seam of the bag. Therefore, my next step was to replace the straps with replacement straps and to fix the top seam with a revised rolled seam.

12. To begin the revision of my bag I sewed and then ironed a new rolled hem:

13. My next step after I fixed my rolled hem was to place my new set of straps.

14. After I fixed rolled my seam properly and successfully sewed the straps onto the tote I completed the construction of the tote.


Final Result of Tote Bag:


The Collection Together:


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