Space/ Materiality: Line Becomes (Parabolic curve) Project


  • 2H pencil
  • Prismacolor tri colored pencils
  • 14-inch ruler
  • 18 x 24 Bristol paper
  • 1/4″ cut plywood
  • ¬†brads
  • nails
  • Chipwood platform

2-D Sketch: This is a 2-D sketch I did of a figure with a parabolic curve. I did this on a smaller scale first and then made it into an 18 X 24 drawing using tri-color tone colored pencils and a 2H pencil.

Bringing the 2-D drawing to a 3-D model: I first taped the wood sticks together and played around with the shape using tape to link the sticks together. After a few tries at modeling the 2-d drawing, I finally created a successful model. To put my first model together, I used wire. For the final model, I chose to use brads and a hammer to join the model together. For the final step, I added a base that enhanced the 3-d and parabolic curve effect of the figure.


Final Model:


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