Space/Materiality: Positive and Negative Space Project

Ideation Sketch: This is my initial sketch inspired by the line becomes parabolic curve project. 


  • Plaster
  • water
  • 4″ plaster gauze
  • 1 Quart mixing cup
  • cheese grater
  • box knife
  • bristol paper
  • 2H pencil
  • chipboard
  • plywood
  • circular dabs
  • Mikita drill

Sculpture Selection: I chose to due three sculptures using plaster.

Playing with Positive/ Negative Space: Here I played with the movement and the placement of the items to see how they interact with each other. The point of this was to see how the positive and negative space changes by placing the figures in various ways.


Final Result: Below is the final placement of my sculptures. I chose to place them on a chipboard base stacked with cubed plywood rectangular boxes with dabs drilled in to hold the sculpture. I decided to use the wood rectangles because I believe it was the best way to stage the sculpture and to show off the positive and negative relationship between the figures.  I also made the design decision to make this an interactive piece by leaving the shell-like sculpture not drilled in so that the viewer could play around with the positive and negative spaces. 

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