Drawing/ Imaging: Adobe Illustrator Self-Potrait Monochrome

These are three color iterations I did for my Drawing and Imaging class for homework. The objective was to create four monochrome color iterations using adobe illustrator. This project began with a selfie that I took and then photoshopped. After I photoshopped the photo, I made a line segment drawing in adobe illustrator and filled the line segments with color. 

Integrated Studio 2

This piece is a collage I did for my Integrated Studio class. Through this collage, I want show the division between the domesticity of American women vs. women in the workforce.  Women in America are often categorized and stereotyped. I want to protest against this sexist way of thinking through my art work, because women should not have to be categorized. Women have the ability to be both successful in the workforce and successful domestically. One of these people who inspire me are Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe is the first designer to build a nursery within her workplace for herself and employees to nurse their children so that they don’t have to leave work. Rachel Zoe shows that women can have it all if the stereotype of the domestic woman is defeated.

This theme of gender inequality and sexism are themes I have a major emotional connection to. These themes have helped me discover not only who I am as an artist, but also who I am and want to be as a woman. Growing up in the south, I was never able to express myself the way I do through my art at Parsons, and these themes have really allowed me to grow more conscious, confident, and more educated on these injustices.  In comparison, when I get dressed in the morning to look good, I do it for myself not for others. I do it to make myself feel good, because I enjoy being a woman and I feel power through my femininity.  In other words, I can be a woman of respect and power in the workforce while keeping true to my femininity.

Integrated Studio 1: Bridge Project 5

Project Description: Now that we have read and discussed Scott Mcloud’s comic, Understanding Comics, and the various characteristics and types of comics, I have decided to create a comic of my own. To begin my project, I am going to do research by going to a comic book store and reading through comics and by writing narratives for all of my panels. Then, I am going to create a comic that will concentrate on exploring gender roles, domesticity, and humor. The panels in the comic will reflect my own personal experiences of living in the south.


  • My first step of research was going read through comics at Forbidden Planet, a comic book store.

Rough Draft: The rough draft version of my post is the narratives above.

Final Project: This is the final version of my comic.

(Below are the two links to my comic pages.)

List of Materials used to make project:

  • Sharpie pen
  • Paper
  • Printer

Reflection: Overall, I really liked this project. This project let me work on my weaknesses with illustration and photoshop. Additionally, I think that this project definitely strengthened both of those weaknesses. Furthermore, this project really inspired me to work more on my illustration skills and photoshop skills, because I was really proud of what I accomplished through through my comic.




Bridge Project 4: Int. Studio

Description: Bridge Project 4: Introduction to Research
Students will create a zine that addresses political issues in the science fiction world of a film from the given list. Each student will take a position on the social issue of their choosing and create a zine as agitational propaganda. You will use the content of the film to explore the particulars of social issues that plague that world. Any social issues presented within the universe of the film are fair game. Social issues are experienced by a multitude of people, problems that extend beyond an individual, and involve perception by the society as a whole.

Rough Draft: No rough draft was made for this project. However, I did do some research by going to Printed Matter and taking a look at some zines.

Final Project:Below is a link to my zine. My inspiration for this project was X Machina and the social issues presented within the movie. In this zine, I wanted to explore the social issue of gender inequality specifically women being seen as sex objects within society.

Below is the link to the zine in booklet form:

X Machina_ZINE final final -21xdqx6

List of materials:

  • Paper
  • Print Ink

Reflection: I really enjoyed this project.  Also, I never knew what a zine was before this project so I am glad I got to discover another art form. This project really sparked a new interest for me in zine art.  This project also really connected with me as a woman and allowed me to express myself however I wanted which I really appreciated.

Int Studio: Bridge Project 3

Project Description: Students will work in groups of 3-4. Each group will be assigned a neighborhood in the city. Groups will create an avatar that represents the history of that of neighborhood. Students will research the history, visit the site, and utilize many forms of “note-taking” (i.e. photographs, sound clips, sketches, etc.) to explore the area first hand. Groups will utilize their own experience of the sites along with historical research to create their avatars.

Rough Draft: Some photos of the area.

Final Project: This is a picture of the map my team and I created of Greenwich Village. It is a live performance map of Greenwich Village.  Below is a link to the key of the map describing what each pin’s colors (red, blue, yellow, green) represent. Also I chose to add the second image of the map using a flash on the camera to show the shiny acrylic texture of the map.

Link–> Key-2847fxw














List of Materials used for Project:

  • Foam Board
  • Red, yellow, and blue paint.
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Mod Podge
  • Printed Pictures
  • Push-pins
  • Plexi- glass


Overall I really enjoyed this project. It was a little challenging, however I believe this project gave me the ability to think outside of the box. Also, I really liked working in groups and working with people with different perspectives. I look forward to more group projects now.