Amanda Guo

Photography Concepts — Final Prototypes/Visual Response

For the first part of the final project, we went on a field trip to Central Park for one of Janet Cardiff and George Miller’s audio walks “Her Long Black Hair”. In this piece, they have inserted photography into their multi-disciplinary walks. Information included: -History -Mythology -fiction -Speculation/experiments -Dialogue … In my visual response, I integrated some…

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Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture

Week Apr 22 — Apr 28 My theme is identity. I am interested in exploring the relationship between digital identity. To be more specific, I focus on the virtuality of the digitized identity that it is made of abstract data and it is flat with no physical form. I have been exploring projecting images onto…

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Photography Concepts – Surveillance and Portraiture

“Can data and surveillance tell us more about a person, or do they create a false sense of familiarity.” For this project, we were using some form of surveillance or data collection as the starting point for a series of portraits. For me, I chose to surveil through iPhone selfie camera. Taking photos of others from…

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Photography Concepts – Performance and Intervention

For this project, we are asked to develop a 14-day routine and produce a photographic response. The routine I went for was to collect utensils everyday for two weeks and take a photography by the end of the day.

Time Project – Ruptures

Time Project – 6 Short Sequences The experience of slowness of time. It feels like it will never end. The experience of speed Ver.1 The experience of speed Ver.2 Point of view Ver.1 One event perceived by two different people or perceived in two different ways Point of view Ver.2 split screen The Kuleshov effect

Bridge 4: IS2 Visual Culture Seminar and Studio Thesis Research – Proposal

Part 1 In class one-on-one meeting, Bryan and I discussed about next step of the project and possible new ideas. We also talked about some new artists and the content of my prototype related to surveillance systems that might lead to new experiments. Updated Final Proposal Ideas: After I explored different ideas I listed on…

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IS2 Visual Culture Seminar and Studio Thesis Research – Proposal and Prototype Diptych

Part 1 Thesis “Social media and surveillance systems have altered the way our identity and relationships with others are shaped in real life, since the definition of socialization and identity have changed as in this cybernated era which is based on a virtual code-based network.“ Connection In studio, my work focus on identification of a…

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Bridge 3: Inquiry into an Object, Form, or Image

Introduction In this part, we are asked to pick one favorite signifier from the taxonomies research, and by doing mind map, we analyze the significance and relevance of it. Finally, develop an artwork from it based on the ideas on mind map. My theme is identity, and my topic is relate to how social network…

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Bridge 2: Context and Investigation through Taxonomy

Introduction: In bridge 2, we are asked to collect 72 images that are related to our topic. 36 of them should be signifiers; the other 36 images should show the context or other artists’ work that addresses the topic. My theme is identity, and I’m interested in gender related topics and self-image. I found some…

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