Book Art Bridge Project#1


The book I picked is called Dog Sense by John Bradshaw who is Foundation director of the Authrozoology Institute at the University of Bristol. His research interests center on the behavior and welfare of domestic animals and their relationship with people. This book is one of his publications which aims to acknowledge dog owners and dog lovers about how and why dogs behave in certain ways and clear out some misunderstandings. It presents a thorough picture of the species and helps us to build a better relationship with our pets.



In my piece, I focus on the relationship between human and dog. I thought of Yin and Yang the first time I decided to work with “relationship”. In Chinese Philosophy, Yin and Yang describes how two opposite forces could interact, and interconnect with each other, and how they give rise to and restraint each other. It is about achieving balance and equality between positivity and negativity in a relationship in short.



I made the pattern by folding according to Taichi symbol.


To create a stronger sense of balance, I lifted the the whole book with a base that is made of a piece of ply wood, which makes it looks like suspending in the air. At first I used a wood frame as a base, however it is too chunky and clumsy which was not what I am looking for. Then I made a new base with less wood and used drill and wood sticks to build support for the book.

By adding a fourth dimension, there are more balances created such as the spaces between inside and outside of the book; the balance of gravity. Where the book attaches the base is like a equilibrium point and dividing point of spaces. In addition to that, there is a balance between dark color on the base and book frame, and bright colors on inside the bool in the piece. Both takes approximately half of the area.




Next Time, I would make a template for folding so that the curve would be smoother.



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