Perspective Drawings and NYPL Montage


Toward the end of the semester, we spent several weeks learning about perspective. For this project, we conducted digital methods to create photo montages in Photoshop.

First, we worked on several drawings, and then we used Photoshop to create digital montages.

Then we practiced 2 point perspective in our sketchbooks.

After that, we moved to 18 X 24 inch drawing paper to draw larger views. For this, we went on a field trip to the New York Public Library. I did part of my drawing in the library during the field trip, and for the rest of it I completed it from photo.


After the linear two point perspective drawing, we moved onto adding tones to our drawings.

Digital Montages

After completing our large-scale perspective drawings, we did a related project based on one of our photos from the NYLP. Using the photo as a background, I traced the shapes of the structures with the lasso tool and pen tool. Then I filled the shapes with different shades of grey including black and white. For some delicate and complicated details such as lamps, I included photographic elements in the montages.

Original Photo

Grey Montage

In the last part of this project, we refilled the shapes with complementary colors. I chose blues for the relative darker areas and oranges for the brighter parts.

Color Montage

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