20 Qs for Studio and Seminar + Mind Map

Introduction:  20 questions and mind map are supposed to help develop taxonomies and guide into specific topics. After brain storming, I found my interests centering around the confusion and the challenges of identity which may include gender, beauty rules, self-image and culture. All my questions are related to these topics in terms of material, content and  context.


  1.  What kind of daily objects, objects in the nature or body parts except fingers I can use as materials to express my theme?
  2. How does our relationship with parents affect identity?
  3. How does fashion magazines or runways(eg. Victoria’s Fashion Show) set the standards for being beautiful and affect the way we see ourselves?
  4. To what extent do judgements from other people change a person’s personality or identity and how?
  5. How has social networks changed relationships between people?
  6. Would wealth change one’s perception to the world therefore change his or her identity?
  7. How big the part does ethnicity play in one’s identity?(Why is ethnicity important to a person?)
  8. How does language help one person express identity?
  9. How does one’s appearance affect the way other people see you?
  10. What are the essential links between individuals and the society as a whole?(When we think of society, we hardly think of individual people, so why is individual important to the society?)



  1. Does makeup disguise one’s identity or express identity?
  2. How does aging affect the way we see ourselves?
  3. Why do people sometimes deny parts of their identity?
  4. Why does self image sometimes conflict with the real image?
  5. How does memories help us to built our personalities?
  6. Is social media a part of people’s identity? Why is it important?
  7. How does social media affect the way we socialise in real life?
  8. What colors can represent my culture and american culture?
  9. What texture represents challenge and change?
  10. As we age, how do we understand our existence differently?


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