Bridge 4: IS2 Visual Culture Seminar and Studio Thesis Research – Proposal

Part 1

In class one-on-one meeting, Bryan and I discussed about next step of the project and possible new ideas. We also talked about some new artists and the content of my prototype related to surveillance systems that might lead to new experiments.

Updated Final Proposal Ideas:

After I explored different ideas I listed on the end of last post, I might find the most interesting way to express the idea of “diminishing” of identity. Bryan suggested to me that I could take body parts pictures like I did in the prototypes, and put them together as a new body. I think in the final piece, I might change the form of it. Instead of photography, it could be a installation with a projector, or it could be a combination of different media that I will explore for the rest of the semester.

For Next Class:

I am going to research following artists and website:


An Xiao

The Artist is Kinda Present by An Xiao

Jill magid’s evidence locker

I am interested in working with projecting images onto human body. I might photoshoot body parts like what I did last week and project them onto a real human body to create a contrast between reality and virtuality. As Bryan suggested, I might include the whole body this time. Also, since there is a lacking of social media in my work in terms of content, I might add more elements of social media to my next work. It could be done by photography and projecting onto the body.


Part 2

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