IS2 – Final Project Reflection

My studio and seminar share the same topic which is that social media have changed how we identify ourselves and the way we socialize. My studio work has a focus on communication and the relationship between people part, while my seminar research has a broader range of focus such as the surveillance system, facial recognition, the physical body, and the digital data. My seminar paper is more like an explanation of why I designed the interactive activities (the chatting with cards and the eye contact) in my studio final work.

I think the most challenging part of the semester in seminar was to contextualize all the research I did into my thesis, and I learned a lot from researching and thinking. I also learned a lot about the responsibility and the role of being a designer from readings like “Who Gets to Say What to Whom?” and “Can Design Be Socially Responsible?”. Moreover, I think my writing skills have improved and I’m more familiar with writing a research paper in terms of format and language.

I will take what I’ve learned in seminar about how to write a research paper and the research method I developed in studio for the rest of my time in Parsons. To be more specific, I am going to keep writing arguments and supporting details in the way The Crafts of Research suggested, and for studio work, I will keep trying to start a project by finding signifiers in both content and context.



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