Zone Walk

Assignment Introduction:

“Zone Walk is an awareness exercise that explores communication design strategy related to climate disasters. The activity will help you understand how simple interventions such as clear signage in evacuation zones can help people during a major storm event.  You are expected to walk near an evacuation zone in New York City and document the experience via drawings, notes and photographs. This documentation will lead to a route map that includes information of the walk. ”







Prompt Questions:

Does an awareness of evacuation zones change the way you experience the city? – What areas appear to be vulnerable to storm surge, if any?

Yes, it did. My apartment located on the boundary of zone 1 and zone 2. I walked around zone 1, 2, and 3 near my apartment, and from the experience, I started to pay close attention to the sea levels in different area especially the around the border areas and where there are hills.

Which zone do you live in? Do you feel prepared for a hurricane in NYC? What would make you feel more prepared?

Zone1. I don’t think I am fully prepared. If there was a forecast or a screen that shows everyday sea level change, I would feel more prepared.

Do any buildings/infrastructures look more prepared for the next storm — how? – Are any effects of Hurricane Sandy visible?

I don’t see any visible preparation for the next storm. I noticed that L train on First Avenue closed down few entrances for construction, but I’m not sure if it is for the damage from Sandy. The damages that caused by Sandy seem all repaired.

Route Map


focus: zone 1

The building in Stuytown and Peter Cooper Village have dark red brick exteriors. I think what would be effective is having signs that are of the complementary color so that people can see in distance and catches people’s attention. On the sign, the message should be short and effective. The signs would be placed every 100 meters. (more enough to raise people’s awareness). Each sign would de placed on a signicade.

The challenges would be:

  1. There is a green run path on the water side which is really narrow, the sign could block the way.
  2. Signicades are cheap but not wind proof and visible at night.
  3. The population in the area is not very concentrated, and there are a large population of the elderly. There might be a communication and technological barrier.





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