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Example of mechanical time


Example of mechanical time


Example of half mechanical time, half body time


Example of body time



People who live in body time live freely at their own pace. They will wake up when their body wakes up and eat meals when they feel hungry. They sleep when they are tired.

People who live in mechanical time essentially live by the clock. They will wake up at a certain time everyday, eat at a certain time everyday and sleep at a certain time everyday. Each act they do is set at a certain time.

Picture 1: To me this picture is mechanical time because it is people in their cars going to work all at once.

Picture 2: People all around, but the screens have this control over them, making it very mechanical.

Picture 3: This picture is half because once you go down the stairs into the subway station, you enter this mechanical world where the metros are timed to come and go at a certain minute, the people all are going somewhere, everything is labeled with numbers and letters. But above ground is body time because it is more organic. The sun is shining, and it is right outside of the entrance. The person standing there is away from the entrance.

Picture 4: In this picture, there are a few people going for a leisurely walk. They are not in a rush. They are not going anywhere. It’s a nice day and they’re enjoying it and their time. The picture is bright and colorful. You can find an abundance of nature. It’s very organic and very free.

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