Int. Studio 2: Anti-Monument Construction

Azadi Tower

Tehran, Iran

built in 1971 to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the first Persian empire
means Freedom tower

Nature over takes it, public cannot get to it.

Monument is something man-made for the purpose of celebrating and/or commemorating a person or event, nature would reclaim it and hide it from the people and if it’s part of nature again it would no longer be a monument. Not doing anything would also add to the anti-monument because no one is actively participating in remembering or celebrating anything.

  • Tall trees, bushes to block it (allowing nature [something that technically can’t be a monument] to overtake it)
  • inaccessible to the public (it’s a place where celebrations, anniversaries, military parades and  mass demonstrations are held, the tower has overlooked some of Iran’s most important political events).




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