Seminar II Final Presentation

Introduction: general ideas/theories about monuments and monumentality (500 words)

A monument is a structure meant for remembering a person or event. It is approached with respect and is typically large in scale. It is a place that tourists flock to and that may be easily overlooked by locals. The structure is human-made. What other people want you to see, constructed ideas.


Section 1: Example of a monument that you already discussed in your paper (500 words)

For example, the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe was made to remember the battles during Napoleon’s reign as well as the people. It is where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is. It is monument you approach with respect, you are expected to be on your best behavior because it is part of the history of France.


Section 2: Example of something that could be both monument and anti-monument (500 words)

An example of something that could be both a monument and an anti-monument would be Times Square. In some aspects it is a monument of capitalism and consumerism, but there is also the opportunity to have installments of artwork that could turn it around into an anti-monument. For example, the french artist JR plastered the faces of New York City (with the people’s help) all over the advertisements and the streets. He stripped Times Square of what make Times Square, Times Square. By eliminating the advertisements, he created the opposite of what it is–it was no longer about what you could buy next, but about the people walking the streets during the installation period.


Section 3: Example of an anti-monument (normally coming from the art world) (500 words)

Artist Kingsley Baird of New Zealand created an anti-war sculpture that was to be shown in Dresden, Germany. The sculpture is completely eatable as it is made of chocolate. This is an anti-monument because it was temporary. It was eaten by its visitors slowly. Also, instead of remembering a war or a person, its goal is to emphasize the wastefulness of war.


Conclusion: a summary of what represents an anti-monument (300 words)


An anti-monument can be a lot of things. First of all it is a structure that remembers a specific person or event. You can have free-thought. There is no way you should feel or no way you should approach the anti-monument. An anti-monument may not be man-made. It could be something fun, that you can interact with.

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