Final idea: MFK

My final project idea is: there is an underground society (literally underground) and within the society, there is a character named Remy. He is tasked with going above ground to to experience what the underground society perceives as the highest human feelings, to have sex and to kill another person. Rey agrees and goes above ground where he meets Camille. He gets her to agree to a date, where after the two have sex. Rey has a moment during sex of clarity and introspection. Afterwards, Camille is sleeping. Remy knows he must kill her, but for the first time in his life he feels the emotion of love, an emotion that is unknown to the underground society. He cannot bring himself to kill her and falls asleep.

In the end, we see the hole in the ground Remy came out of and see a figure dragging something toward the hole. The scene jumps back to the leader of the underground society’s office. And The leader congratulates Camille on completing the task.

At the end, in the credits, we see Remy’s dead body (for clarity).





“Coraline” for characters

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