Childhood memories

This art include two different place. The one on the left side is what  the street looks like right now, and I outlined the lines with more colors. On the right side, I use black freehand lines,it was a place I often played with my little friends when I was a child, it is a place that in front of my grandmother’s apartment.The whole picture is more hierarchical, the superposition of these two place make a sharp contrast. Although it was the same place, but after ten years, the street is commercialized now.

1o important things in my life

I use the size of the object to express the importance of things in my life. on the top right corner, They are the most prominent in the whole art, they represent how important  friendship is in my life. My whole picture shows my country’s letters a lot because of my yearning for my country. At the same time, these packages are hard to see in the current market, most of which are when I was young in my hometown. The fish on the left is because I have this animal in my Chinese name, and I want be a fish in my next life. Some things have color, and some don’t, because the things who have color that mean is more meaningful to me in my whole life.

Different culture in the cube

This square has six sides, I mainly express six different patterns of the plates; also includes three ancient patterns and three modern patterns. I have a strong interest in colorful patterns and colors. That why I use this way to express my artwork. I use watercolor to do, and I portrayed with coloured pens in detail.

picture 1: Yuan dynasty 1271 to 1368.

picture 2: Japanese cout women and bird Qing dynasty 1644 to 1911.


picture 4: South Italian Terracotta Lekanis