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  1. Every day I pass by the big food transmission which is located  next to my apartment. After I finish my Friday classes, I saw three workers sitting in the truck seat chatting. They are wearing the same work clothes and chatting with each other, and they seems go through a wonderful work day, when I was looking at them from the reversing mirror.
  2. On Saturday, I didn’t go out almost a day. At 11 pm in the evening I called a car to a friend’s house to chat. At that time, compare with our apartment, there was no one in the street, and then the red and green light changed. There were couples waiting for the street lamps. They laughed to each other and didn’t notice that I was observing them.
  3. I went home very late at my friend’s house yesterday, but this is a vigorous Sunday. I woke up at 10:57am, and I went out at one o’clock in the afternoon. I were going to go to the flower shop alone and have a single brunch with my earphone. I saw a broken desk lamp and rubbish piled up in black plastic bags on the roadside, Black and white make a sharp contrast, but these two colors look positive today. Also I saw a stranger who was waiting for a street lamp, He was wearing olive green sweater, blue jeans, and got a donut handbag in his hand. I love that view, he has a strong compare with the late sprout tree.
  4. Today is Monday, I did not go out one day, but I can imagine how traffic jam downstairs.
  5. Today is Tuesday, I had a very early course today, and I was very tired when I came back. I saw a couple of workers wearing helmets, some in smoking and some on the phone. When I was passing the crossroad, then I smells a strong smell of cannabis which make me more uncomfortable.
  6. Today is Wednesday, I passed this street again, at 8:30 AM New York was back in the past, but I saw a mother sending her children to school possibly, she was holding a smaller child in her hand, in the other side she was carrying a guitar in her mother’s bag, three of them are all curly hair. The girl who is slightly older may be her sister which is on the left side of her mother, I was not sure what are they waiting for? But it was looks nice and wonderful in this busy morning, and also it is good to be held in the arms by a mother’s hand.
  7. This is the last day of this project, I was late to my studio class, The traffic jam was very serious today. I saw a girl was riding a taxi, which wear red sport t shirt, black hat with red sock and red vans sneaker. Also she was eating a plum.

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