Assign 1: Personal Symbol 2D to 3D

When I was doing this assignment, I was trying to describe what I perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you. I think I hedgehog and inside is soft and entangled. there have a little girl living her inside for a long time, and  she rarely shows her soft side, others perceive me strong, unkind and toplofty, because i don’t always smell with others in the first time we meet each other. So I am a very angular object. It looks very difficult to approach. 


1: represents myself, it’s soft and smooth.

2: Looks like barbed plant, and keep distance to others.

3 and 4:  they are made by iron wire.

6: final look  of combine 2 symbols into 1

7: bristol project

8: Plaster project

9: TracingImage of the final work

10: final work

ex: the cover of folding work



































































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