ASSIGNMENT2 Connected/Disconnected

this project is about my childhood memories.   Each of my childhood memories is simple and animated. When I was a child, the trees were taller than me and I enjoyed to play under the trees, which is during hot summers. I enjoyed stealing grapes from my uncle who lived next door, even when they were not ripe. My happiest memories involved waiting for night time to come so I could play hide and seek with my friends. They always had a hard time finding me because I had older brothers who would protect me, but when I everything was changed in my kindergarten to primary school. This project has the experience of bullying in my primary school, because it was a boarding school, and my personality was very timid in the beginning which as the injured seagull, unable to open its own mask to meet the challenges and difficulties. 

This is the two part, a security helmet and a neck chain below. i want to express the outside world. And there is no right to speak and to be completely banned.




















she was holding a sand clock and huddle up at the corner.


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