Final Studio Proposal and a visit to Diana Al Hadid’s sculptural work









1. What is your topic?

The darkest side of villain

2. What question are you researching in seminar?

Rules that keep people in line questioning social normal, it represents the dark side of humanity. They used cruel means to create a murder case, which inspire me the morbid fashion.

3. What questions are you researching through making in studio?

What kind of metrical and shape of mantilla can be expressed morbid fashion.

4. ****Please explain how the two projects relate to one another if you have not answered the question above.

Everyone has their darkest side inside their ego, but some of them aren’t shamed but willing or unconsciously present themselves from it.However, criminal psychology reveals different perspectives in the way of art to present each single details that have related to the crime.There were a lot of horror movie that talk about criminal psychology metaphorically.

5. Why do you care about this project?

I began to love horror movies, unsolved mysteries and the documentary film of the detective since I was a child. Such as American horror story, Saw, The Black Dahlia, etc.

6. Submit three drawings of your idea for your final project. 

These can be small drawings in your sketchbook.

7. What is the ideal location you would like to exhibit your work? (Gallery, museum, outdoor park, home, store, runway)

Gallery, foggy fores.




form naturally







Rock wall


Debris flow

Women’s hair



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