bridge 1

The Lessons I Learnt

In the last assignment, I was instructed to watch a movie and write down the story in the movie in a narrative style. The assignment requires us to relate our real experience to the story in the movie and express how we feel upon watching the movie. Upon watching the movie titled Story We Tell, one of the important things I learnt is that while each family is unique in a different way, however, what we share is the family members’ love for each other. Since I learnt after finishing the movie that the theme of the movie is the love within a family, therefore, I set a loving tone for my reflection essay for the movie, and include my own personal experience in my family, which might include both happy and sad memories that can be contributed to the love for my own family.

I am proud of my reflection essay for one of the most important reasons, which is that I write it with all my sincerity and affectionateness toward my family and the members in it, even if sometimes I might be seemingly made fun of and excluded by other sisters and brother. The advantage of my reflection essay is that the language is easy to understand and the narrating style is easy-going, which makes it easier for my readers to understand my upset and happiness in my childhood. And a proximate relationship of my essay with my readers is acquired by various strategies that are useful for me to arouse the empathy and curiosity of my readers. One of the strategies I use is to compose a confirmative sentence with a question mark. For example, in order to express my upset in being made up of by sisters and brother, I am questioning why they are treating me like this with the sentences such as “Will they hurt me?” “Who is my birth parent?” and “Where they are?” as well as “What they look like?” After a series of question doubting my family members’ treatment for me, I get the answer finally that they were making such a joke just to express their special love for me.

However, I also find out a great shortcoming of my essay, which is the lack of grammatical and conventional perfection. I made several grammatical mistakes during the composition of the assignment. For example, I failed to make sure that every sentence is started by capitalized letter. Besides, and one of the most basic grammatical mistake I made is in the sentence that “My childhood is always different than my other sisters and brother.” In this sentence, I did not meet the parallel rule that the subject of the sentence “my childhood” did not match the object “my other sisters and brother” that should be “the childhood of my other sisters and brothers’”.

In conclusion, I am to a great extent satisfied by my last essay due to its real reflection of my personal feeling for my family and its relation to the movie I watch. And I also believe that it would be much more better if the writing conventions and grammars could be perfect.

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