bridge 3

Sabrina Hang


5 topics

  1. Fetishism /  the specific thing that belong to you for long time Plush toys, silks and satins, the flavor

Commodity fetishism will be broken and the future environment?

Is it a loss in the process of growth? Do you think this is a commendatory word

  1. Religion/ hair accessory of the catholicism

How to define the cult organization

Hair accessories represent the status and rights of women in ancient, how do you view this social phenomenon?

  1. Femininity /the hair style of the female and hats design

Do you agree that women themselves are commodities circulated in the social market?

Where is the difference between eastern and western hair accessory

4. Personal style (Neutral style)

How the neutral style create?

Does neutral reflect individual ideas and values?

5. Performance/ The charm of the villain

Is it natural to commit a crime

Whether recognition of crime reflects human’s most real inner thoughts

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