bridge 3

Sabrina Hang 6.11 5 topics Fetishism /  the specific thing that belong to you for long time (Plush toys, silks and satins, the flavor) Commodity fetishism will be broken and the future environment? Is it a loss in the process of growth? Do you think this is a commendatory word? Religion/ hair accessory of the […]

bridge 1

The Lessons I Learnt In the last assignment, I was instructed to watch a movie and write down the story in the movie in a narrative style. The assignment requires us to relate our real experience to the story in the movie and express how we feel upon watching the movie. Upon watching the movie […]

7 in 7

Confused thinking creates a world of illusions. We are like a polyhedron with many different characters in the body. she may be a a joker, a ripper, or a killer with a pair of pure eyes.  When I look at the nuns’ dress, it reminds me the morbid fashion, psychedelic art.Inflexible rules and formalistic environment make people unable […]