bridge 4

    First of all, this painting named  The Piano Lesson. The story that I want to create is story about complicated love. Just like the relationship between metronome and pianist. The piano gives me a feeling of elegant, honorable and noble. The boy plays the piano is the emphasis of this painting. At lower left corner is his piano teacher actually, but at first I thought it was the mother who accompanied him to practice.  I add  flowers into my final project, there have two reasons: one  I thought that is mother’s love, which is soft and warm. Also the boy looks like flower which is supported and protected perfectly by parents. Maybe we all know, the metronomes is really important to pianistas  parents who is significant and cant to replace , metronome cultivates the pianists to grow together and make  beats more accurate. According to my experience as a child, my piano teachers are always strict. This art seems to be restrained. because I was learning piano lessons when I was in kindergarten, I thought they destroyed my childhood, i dont have my free time I cant enjoy my limit childhood. My childhood was totally same as the  metronome. It repeated the same action们,I did not have any expecting, nothing new nothing fresh. We all know  process of practicing felt lonely and boring always.  in my final project I combine the flowers with the mechanical parts. The  reason why I use black and white is to create a sense of depression, even if the flowers bloom.

Bridge 3 (process)


 (Original painting)

 (our final piece)

So I had a great time with my team and i spend a worth time with all my partner. every painting has their own personality and story behind it. i was the dancing sculpture at the bottom of left, and i also join the painting and create parts.







bridge 2


Bridge 2 Essay

Here me out, she is the most intricate and complicated people who has ever met. She is really

likes a villain as Jerry Robinson, who must has been a very twisted person indeed. She has two

different side personality, which she can be a villains, who is deep and this disturbed in the

world; another she is fragile, she needs to be taken care of, she always do something scary to

cause the outside world’s attention.

She mothballed her soft side to everybody, she has really Hurt history and never share with

others. This is a bit of argument as to where she actually came from, who create her, there have

a series of questions want to know about her. She had a long-standing history of crime, she

robbed the bank, kidnapped the plane, and blackmailed the world’s richest man, but she never

killed people. she had thought of using these ill-gotten gains to help those poor, but she has

not acted yet. Some people believe that she is a psychopath, but that is not true she feels

emotion, and the definition of psychopathy is that a person feels no emotion whatsoever. Her

emotion may be sick humor, or anger, and occasional sadness when one of her plans does not

go right, but she does feel emotion. she is a brilliant criminal mind, and police have no way to

arrant her in right way. She has a deep lover, she loves him so much. They are the best couple

in this world. She is a good thief master, and her lover is a great killer as the Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

This male is the only person that she want to take off her helmet and armour. They both have

their work to do, they skilled assassins working for different firms, both the best in their

field,They exist together and depend on each other.

She loves black, because it’s an intimidating color that shows that the person wearing is

setting themselves apart from others. It’s a color that indicates strength and discipline. Black

does not usually express many emotions, rather, it conceals them, giving the person in black

an air of superiority. Also she loves purple, basically this color represent luxury, indicates

sensuality, passion nobility and depth of feeling, but that’s not reasons she loves purple. Too

much purple can’t make her irritable and arrogant. Sometime it will let you depressed, but she

really enjoy to experience apathy and negative feelings. Everybody think she is supreme

women, and not one can hurt her, but she was afraid to say goodbye to the person that she

care about, she fears the feeling of separation from others, she cares very little, but afraid of

losing, She said if so, she would rather not have had. She doesn’t has friends, because friends

can be quite annoying. Some friends will put you down in front of others just so they can seem

like good people. Friendship can require sacrifices, sacrifices that might be complex. As much

as having friends can be fun, there are some situations that might require you making sacrifices

that are extreme, but she doesn’t in the best situation to help. She is independent, compare

with lonely and injured she would rather choose to live alone. She doesn’t like make

responsibility to others, she doesn’t like pay attention to other people and other things. She

doesn’t fear death so much as she fear its prologues: loneliness, decrepitude, pain,

debilitation, depression, senility. After a few years of those, she imagine death presents like a

holiday at the beach.