bridge 4

    First of all, this painting named  The Piano Lesson. The story that I want to create is story about complicated love. Just like the relationship between metronome and pianist. The piano gives me a feeling of elegant, honorable and noble. The boy plays the piano is the emphasis of this painting. At lower […]

Bridge 3 (process)

———————————————————————————————————————————————  (Original painting)  (our final piece) So I had a great time with my team and i spend a worth time with all my partner. every painting has their own personality and story behind it. i was the dancing sculpture at the bottom of left, and i also join the painting and create parts.   […]

bridge 2

  Bridge 2 Essay Here me out, she is the most intricate and complicated people who has ever met. She is really likes a villain as Jerry Robinson, who must has been a very twisted person indeed. She has two different side personality, which she can be a villains, who is deep and this disturbed […]