Bridge two



















































Dolce & Gabbana (Italian, founded 1985 )

“ANGELICA” ENSEMBLE spring/summer 2016 alta moda

black double wool crepe with gold metal button; black double wool crepe, black silk satin, and black silk grosgrain.most designers the designers also imbue the habit with their signature precision tailoring, stiffening its soft folds, and hardening its delicate lines. in their hands, the veil solidifies into an egg-shaped helmet reminiscent of Pierre Cardin’s space- age fashions.

















10 questions:

  1. Which brands show the space age fashions?
  2. What the black color inspire you?
  3. what the white color inspire you?
  4. What a nun symbolizes in your mind?
  5. What does a sexy cut look like?
  6. Do you know the history of the hat?
  7. Do you know the dress of a nuns
  8. How to define the pagan?
  9. What is the common point of this exhibition?
  10. what the traditional impression of D&G?

10 observation:

  1. Sensual sexuality
  2. A vertical cutting
  3. only black and white
  4. egg- shaped
  5. Not gorgeous detail with extravagant fabric and diamond
  6. Can’t feeling devoid of romantic entanglement.
  7. In my eyes they are more unique than the angles
  8. The dress style as a villain as Volac in movie of The Conjuring
  9. They radiates authority and fear
  10. They are unflawed project.

Simple cutting is not meaningless.This series of costumes is more like custom dress for the devil, they camouflage around us and use huge hat to cover their negative energy. The designers cite the veil and color black and some white when invoking the habit of the Dominican nun. The gold metal buttons on the side of wristband is an significant embellishment. The black silk satin, black double wool crepe and black silk grosgrain inspire me the nun have a cigarette under the gloomy piano melody with a lip of persimmon. Designers in the exhibit played upon the theme of sexuality, the exhibition reminded me of my top one American TV Series – American Horror Story and and the movie The Conjuring. The ghost also has a soul, I like their depressed music melody, dress collection and suppressed shooting style very much.

Assign 3:Communal Pods










In this project i want use my wood to create an communal pods, the main polyhedron I choose is the rectangle and trapezoid, my project can  adjust the height of the seat, and the reason why  is trying this project to me more diverse, multi-element, and practical, and it has many uses. You can lie down to have a rest and sit on it when you are during reading and writing. i think this project is more complicated, but i really enjoy the making process of assign 3, that was a lot of fun, because this is my first time to make a adjustable 3D project. I use purple and green, because my favorite character is the clown in The Dark knight by Heath Ledger. he wears the invariably handsome suit with those two colors and his strange white mask face.


In the beginning I want to make two stitching chairs.









Bristol project:













Making process:


























I was very entangled in the process. I always changed my mind and made it more perfect. Finally, I turned him into a chair that could be rotated. I think it is interesting, he is very much like Lego toys, and there are many ways of using it. i want to put this design in airplane and Shopping malls.








ASSIGNMENT2 Connected/Disconnected

this project is about my childhood memories.   Each of my childhood memories is simple and animated. When I was a child, the trees were taller than me and I enjoyed to play under the trees, which is during hot summers. I enjoyed stealing grapes from my uncle who lived next door, even when they were not ripe. My happiest memories involved waiting for night time to come so I could play hide and seek with my friends. They always had a hard time finding me because I had older brothers who would protect me, but when I everything was changed in my kindergarten to primary school. This project has the experience of bullying in my primary school, because it was a boarding school, and my personality was very timid in the beginning which as the injured seagull, unable to open its own mask to meet the challenges and difficulties. 

This is the two part, a security helmet and a neck chain below. i want to express the outside world. And there is no right to speak and to be completely banned.




















she was holding a sand clock and huddle up at the corner.


bridge 4

    First of all, this painting named  The Piano Lesson. The story that I want to create is story about complicated love. Just like the relationship between metronome and pianist. The piano gives me a feeling of elegant, honorable and noble. The boy plays the piano is the emphasis of this painting. At lower left corner is his piano teacher actually, but at first I thought it was the mother who accompanied him to practice.  I add  flowers into my final project, there have two reasons: one  I thought that is mother’s love, which is soft and warm. Also the boy looks like flower which is supported and protected perfectly by parents. Maybe we all know, the metronomes is really important to pianistas  parents who is significant and cant to replace , metronome cultivates the pianists to grow together and make  beats more accurate. According to my experience as a child, my piano teachers are always strict. This art seems to be restrained. because I was learning piano lessons when I was in kindergarten, I thought they destroyed my childhood, i dont have my free time I cant enjoy my limit childhood. My childhood was totally same as the  metronome. It repeated the same action们,I did not have any expecting, nothing new nothing fresh. We all know  process of practicing felt lonely and boring always.  in my final project I combine the flowers with the mechanical parts. The  reason why I use black and white is to create a sense of depression, even if the flowers bloom.

Assignment Sheet: Impact

I put a box of cigarette at the traffic light. If you walk slowly and do not invest in thinking about something, you will see it. According to the surrounding environment, the impact on modern people is enormous. The rhythm of people’s life is fast and fast. Slowing down your pace and paying a very little attention to the surrounding environment  , moreover a pack of cigarettes. When I came home every day, I would return to this place for a minute, and no one noticed the cigarette(sketch 1& pic 2). Only one dog sniffed it two times.(sketch 2)

                    sketch 1                                                 sketch 2








Assign 1: Personal Symbol 2D to 3D

When I was doing this assignment, I was trying to describe what I perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you. I think I hedgehog and inside is soft and entangled. there have a little girl living her inside for a long time, and  she rarely shows her soft side, others perceive me strong, unkind and toplofty, because i don’t always smell with others in the first time we meet each other. So I am a very angular object. It looks very difficult to approach. 


1: represents myself, it’s soft and smooth.

2: Looks like barbed plant, and keep distance to others.

3 and 4:  they are made by iron wire.

6: final look  of combine 2 symbols into 1

7: bristol project

8: Plaster project

9: TracingImage of the final work

10: final work

ex: the cover of folding work



































































the fifth element



I really like this shoot, even after getting all the elements there is pretty much no point in saving earth, if there is no love to keep everything (including our self’s) in order, because we are the dominant species on this planet and there is no point in saving this world if we are going to destroy it sooner or later

whose utopia

Sabrina Hang


Watch and read

Every object

  • Whose Utopia

When I was watching this video that I saw a famous painting in my mind where I saw in MOMA and named The Piano Lesson by Henri Matisse. When you The color of the whole painting gives a feeling of freezing and depressive. The mechanical metronome main color are snow white metallic sliver and warm gray. The metronome is a pyramid composed of thin lines, which located lower right- hand corner. The value of the mechanical metronome is dull color. In the end of the video have a dancer who was dancing under a boring work machine. It’s just seem as the sculpture of The Piano Lesson, which no longer alive. Also the working machine seems like the mechanical metronome. The pianist use it to practice play a regular pulse. It also give me depress environment, stifle and negative energy, but it’s also as the big rock which has stable base.  The little boy’s piano lesson classes as this factory,  let imagine this scene, when you play the piano with mechanical metronome under the warm sunshine in the afternoon, mostly will creates sadness and depression. The mechanical metronome as the working machine in the factory.

  • find your beach

I really love this articleSince I was little, I always say the brilliant scene of NYC in movie. Too many teenagers have a dream of New York, work in NY, work for NY.  New York has no sky in my impression, as if there is a large chandelier with automatic switching. I don’t ever know how to enjoy the blue sky in this city that can not be completely opened by the window. Two days ago, I have a conversation with my friend in the yellow cab. We all think that we really hard to find what we really want and pursue in NY. We are too easy to lose ourselves in this francium empire.  If you want to have a beach with enough sunlight, it’s really too difficult. Slowly, your dreams will gradually become a bubble. In this year I always feel like that I am living a place which is a time control console.

The life in NY is like an ordinary watch, which rotates according to time as same as yesterday, also just like the ballet dancer in that video, she has  rigid dance posture, the same movement  at same time, that is so similar as our daily life in New York, day after day.  I believe that beauty is pain and they are necessity to live. Maybe they are born cheap in an impoverished environment. That is the reason why the life is never stable as wood and never will be.If you look closely, I guarantee you can see the different that the machine, bold outlines tracing my curvy body. She was trying to mix with the environment, however she can’t do nothing, she represents the workers who also will work day after day. She’s always rotating with the same movements as last moment, people’s life becomes mechanical and drab. The machines need electricity, and the workers in this factory are just a machine that need oxygen and breathes.