Assign 1: Personal Symbol 2D to 3D

When I was doing this assignment, I was trying to describe what I perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you. I think I hedgehog and inside is soft and entangled. there have a little girl living her inside for a long time, and  she rarely shows her soft side, others perceive me strong, unkind and toplofty, because i […]

the fifth element

    I really like this shoot, even after getting all the elements there is pretty much no point in saving earth, if there is no love to keep everything (including our self’s) in order, because we are the dominant species on this planet and there is no point in saving this world if we […]

whose utopia

Sabrina Hang 2018/4/18 Watch and read Every object Whose Utopia When I was watching this video that I saw a famous painting in my mind where I saw in MOMA and named The Piano Lesson by Henri Matisse. When you The color of the whole painting gives a feeling of freezing and depressive. The mechanical […]

Site, Sight

Every day I pass by the big food transmission which is located  next to my apartment. After I finish my Friday classes, I saw three workers sitting in the truck seat chatting. They are wearing the same work clothes and chatting with each other, and they seems go through a wonderful work day, when I […]

Bridge 3 (process)

———————————————————————————————————————————————  (Original painting)  (our final piece) So I had a great time with my team and i spend a worth time with all my partner. every painting has their own personality and story behind it. i was the dancing sculpture at the bottom of left, and i also join the painting and create parts.   […]

bridge 2

  Bridge 2 Essay Here me out, she is the most intricate and complicated people who has ever met. She is really likes a villain as Jerry Robinson, who must has been a very twisted person indeed. She has two different side personality, which she can be a villains, who is deep and this disturbed […]