First Impression of a Derive

D- Distractions

E- Exclusion

R- Ritual





My only idea: Escape!

With my brain, dying to hide in a cape.

Blocking, Rebuffing, to thinking.

My alter-ego, too busy barking,

Clearly stating how I’d fail,

On art school, I’d have to bail.


My classmates, fully vanished.

Their minds fully replenished.

New ideas, enabling them to define,

The derive, making their thoughts shine.


To me, this all seemed inescapable.

Letting go, stroll with the flow, I was incapable.

Overwhelmed, I could not take action.

A derive, was simply a blurry notion.


How to avoid the ritual?

When lost, our saviors are virtual.

As they are switched off, put on the side,

Self-consciousness blooms, and makes me want to hide.


How is it possible to exclude?

I really do not want to seem rude.

All that I think of, should disappear.

However, by 2:20, should reappear?


I only manage to get distracted,

Something that I deeply dreaded.

However, could this mind game be considered,

A Derive, a challenge that I have conquered?

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