Memoir of a Derive – Part 1

Process – Confusion through geometric forms

Process- Mix Media-Watercolor

Derive vs limitations and constraints

Confsion vs understanding

Interest in landmarks through color

Final Part 1- Nostalgia through architecture


Through the void and emptiness,

Measures and specifics,

Overwhelmed, Finding too many conflicts.

How to let go?

Perhaps, go with the flow.

A challenge so blur,

That I certainly must concur.

Observing Parisian landmarks,

That have been placed by all of its monarchs.

A city so pure,

Once incredibly obscure.

Jardin des Tuileries,

Portraying superiority,

Had reminded me of home,

With its hidden history in a tome.

Where was the city’s bruise?

Who was there to accuse?

A city one so gray,

That has only been moving headway.

While a place of my own,

By wars had been blown.

Its wounds clearly present,

Dark days we have spent.

While the city of love,

Through the simple use of a shove,

Had hidden its dark history,

To me, this still seems like a mystery.

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